Working in Ireland

The attraction of working in Ireland is becoming an increasing factor for skilled IT experts looking to work abroad.

Tech giants such as Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter and Google have based themselves in the Emerald Isle and are paving the way for Ireland’s ascendency in the global digital market. You can find out more about the top tech companies to work for in Ireland here.

Although Ireland took a significant financial hit with the global economic downturn, the overall recruitment outlook is seeing a big improvement and has resulted in a number newly created IT Jobs in Ireland.  Ireland now has quite a competitive job market so candidates with the right skills, education and experience are expected to secure roles above anyone else.

Visas and Right to Work in Ireland

A visa may be required for citizens of certain countries and can be applied for online.

If you’re a member of an EU member state, EEA country or Switzerland then you are entitled to work in Ireland. You will not require an employment permit and are entitled to bring your dependents to come live with you too. If you have a non-EEA spouse or civil partner coming to live with you in Ireland they must apply for permission to have similar rights to live and work in Ireland.

Citizens of the EU also have the right to equal treatment with nationals in access to employment, working conditions and all other social/tax advantages. You may also be able to access certain types of health and social security coverage to their host country.

You will require an employment permit if you’re not a member of any other country. You can find out more about the process of acquiring a visa or work permit via your local embassy.

Living in Ireland

Ireland has beautiful and stunning locations include the Cliffs of Moher, Ring or Kerry and the Aran Islands. As well as its natural beauty, Ireland’s capital Dublin is a popular tourist destination that’s renowned for its vibrant social life and rich history.

Cities like Dublin have a large range of accommodation on offer to both to buy and rent. As with most rental properties landlords are looking for the longest-term lease they can get. Other parts of Ireland may be limited in accommodation and can vary in pricing.

Tax in Ireland has different taxes that you may have to pay if you are coming to live in Ireland. Nearly all income is liable to tax and is deducted under the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) employment system. You will need a Personal Public Service number when taking up employment in Ireland and will need to pay social insurance in addition to tax.

Finding an IT Job in Ireland

Ireland’s IT job market is popular for Developers, Project Managers and Data Analysts.

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